Wednesday, October 21, 2015

To Kindle or Not To Kindle, That is the Question

When Laura Pearl finished writing what would become a Catholic Press Award winning book, Erin's Ring, one of her first questions to me was, "Do we have to make it available for Kindle?"
That's an interesting question for an author to ask since, for the most part, authors desire to get their books into as many hands as possible. But for Laura Pearl, part of what she wanted to give her reader, along with a heart-warming, engaging story, was something to "hold." Laura wanted her young readers (and those who will read Erin's Ring who may just be young at heart), something more. That something more, for Laura, translates into the "feeling" that comes from holding a good-old fashioned book.
So the decision was made, "No, we don't have to make Erin's Ring available for Kindle."
As so we haven't. Honoring Laura's wishes to keep Erin's Ring as a paperback may not be the best business decision, but sometimes there are things that matter that are more than just business. And I trust that if you read Erin's Ring, and hold the beautiful book in your hands, you will agree!
Author Pearl is currently giving a copy away of Erin's Ring. Visit her blog to see how to enter.


  1. Thanks for this post, Cheryl. When I blogged about the fact that Erin's Ring is not out in Kindle, I neglected to mention that it was an intentional decision, something upon which we'd both agreed.

    I feel can't help but believe that there are still many readers out there who prefer real books to eBooks. And I also can't help but believe that when they get their hands on that beautiful cover, they won't be disappointed. :)

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