Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gluten-Free Goodies

I love the site for the ways in which it has allowed me to satisfy my sweet tooth since I've gone gluten-free (and more recently anti-candida). What a great site! If you are, like me, dealing with health issues that have forced you to navigate a whole new way of looking at food, you will love what Adrienne offers on her site. 

I've found it to be a wonderful resource with great print-ready recipes that really do taste great (don't get me stated on how many e-books I've downloaded only to find the recipes taste like cardboard). Adrienne has a nice team of bloggers and contributors that are tackling the same sorts of things I am--and maybe you are too. If you are gluten-free and still crave some sweets, you will love what you find at

Today I am going to try making the grain-free lemon squares:-)

Thank you, Adrienne!