Monday, July 20, 2015

Gender Issues

Congratulations to Jared Zimmerer for his Honorable Mention win in the Gender Issues category at the 2015 Catholic Press Awards! Jared's book Man Up! Becoming the New Renaissance Man is a gathering of twelve voices who speak to a variety of topics. 

They include:

 Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Foreword

Jared Zimmerer: Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Jesse Romero: Do Not Be Afraid of the Culture of Death

Marlon De La Torre: Theological Manhood

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers: Biblical Manhood

Fr. Steve Grunow: Sacramental Manhood

Kevin Vost: Man Up Your Mind

Jared Zimmerer: Strength for the Kingdom

Shane Kapler: Greatness of Soul

Douglas Bushman: Manhood Fulfilled in Being Prolife

Kevin Lowry: Work and Finances

Jared Zimmerer: Heroism Survives Secularism

Gerard-Marie Anthony: The Theology of the Body Influences

Jim Burnham: Mary: World's Greatest Warrior, Intercessor, and Mother

Dave DiNuzzo Sr.: The Evils of Pornography

Man Up! Contributors: Those Who Came Before Us (Saints)

Dave DiNuzzo Sr.: A Higher Call

Jared Zimmerer: The Rise and Fall of Honor

Jared is also an avid weight lifter and sought-after conference speaker whose first book is the popular Ten Commandments of Lifting Weights

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