Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five Words That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever really paid attention to your vocabulary?

Does it match your faith life?

Or is your faith life a bit stalled and you wonder how to jumpstart it?

Your vocabulary is the key to it all and understanding these five simple words can drastically change your life.

Word One: Disordered

Our world gets a bit crazier every day. More things take up our time and energy and consequently leave us less time for God. Our dreams, desires and longings get caught up in the ways that we experience the world. So, instead of dreaming God’s dreams for our lives, we live with and pursue disordered dreams and desires. We keep ourselves on Satan’s treadmill where our disordered existence exhausts us and steals our joy.

“Lord, remove the disordered desires from my mind and heart so that I may experience your peace and dream your dreams for my life. Do not allow the illusions of the evil one to infiltrate my heart or mind where I unwittingly allow them to undermine or replace your plans for me and my life.”

Word Two: Mightily

It is easy to feel defeat as we move through life but this isn’t supposed to be our existence at all. We are meant to mightily move through life because the battle has already been won for us through Christ! When we feel discouraged, we ought to call upon the conquest we have in Jesus’ shed blood.

 “Lord, help me see that in all my circumstances, I am able to call upon you and mightily move through them. Let me find the strength I need to boldly and confidently call upon your promises. You have made sure that I am never alone and in that awareness let me humbly but mightily live.”

Words Three and Four: Natural and Supernatural

Living in the natural means that we experience our world with our physical senses. Oftentimes, those senses are not real indicators of real truths. We might not see angels but they are there. We may not hear God’s voice but He speaks to us nonetheless. The more attention we pay to the natural, the less assurance we tend to have of the supernatural. Today is the day to turn that around.

“Holy Spirit, thank you for my physical senses but do not let them be the only way that I experience life. Open up the eyes of my heart so that I may supernaturally experience life and always remember that while I am on the earth, I am not off the earth. Mine is life meant to live in the spirit. Let that begin today!”

Word Five: Victory

The evil one is more than happy when believers get stuck this side of the Cross. He delights when believers focus on the Crucifixion at the expense of the Resurrection. It is critically important that believers experience the Cross and Crucifixion as part of the journey and not the destination. Victory belongs to the believer. Victory takes the believer beyond the Cross to the Throne. Victory takes the believer beyond the Crucifixion to the Resurrection.

“Father, through your Son I have victory. Do not allow the difficult experiences of my life to overwhelm and define me. Please stay with me as I persevere to my final destiny given to me freely through your Son. In Jesus’ name, victory is mine!”

(picture Dreamstime Madeleine Mattson)

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