Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Digital Detox

Maybe you’ve heard it was coming.

Maybe in your heart of hearts you knew you were going to be part of it.

Personally, I didn’t need much encouragement to join.

Join what, you ask?

The Digital Detox of 2015.

In fact, I only happened to come across the naming of this phenomenon in passing so I’m already pretty much Internet detoxing. Have been for a while.

I have a few favorite blogs I read (Laura Pearl’s and Nancy Carabio Belanger’s) and a site I particularly like, but other than that I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. The digital world just seems so noisy and for my introverted self, just too much yammering and clammering.

Even the Catholic digital world is just so, well, secular.

A few friends I know are also part of the Digital Detox but haven’t named it as such; they just knew deep in their souls that it was time to pull back from what was close to becoming social media addictions. 

I received a puzzle for Christmas and have been enjoying the challenge of the 1000 piece Italian scene! I couldn’t have received a better gift for this quiet time. 

God’s timing is, as they say, always perfect!


  1. May I respectfully disagree. Not much, just a little. I understand the need to detox from social media every now and then, especially since, as you so rightly say, some Christian/Catholic blogs are in themselves secular.

    Where I disagree (a little as I said) is that the internet is full of "bad" influences, and as such it is our responsibility/duty to keep up our Christian/Catholic blogs to restore the balance a little. We never know who might visit us and not leave a comment. To many, our blog may be the first/only time where they get to read about God.

    As for jigsaw puzzles. Isn't it annoying when you finish a puzzle and find a piece missing? I've received a 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas which I've just completed. You guessed it - I have one piece surplus to requirement. So if any of you out there have lost a piece from your puzzle please contact me as I may have it.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      And I hope that when I get to the end of this puzzle there isn't a missing piece!

      Blessings on your new year,