Friday, September 26, 2014

Three Prayers God Always Says "Yes!" To...

You prayed for a job promotion and didn’t get it; then you found a leak in the roof of your home.

You prayed for a cure for your toothache and instead found out that your hours at work were cut.

You prayed for a way to pay for new tires on your car yet nothing materialized; but you did find out your sister is getting divorced.

It seems as though God wasn’t just saying “no” to your prayers but was kicking it up a notch as well.

Confused, you go back to Scripture with all its rich promises and try to find answers to your frustrating prayer life.

While countless Scripture verses can be used to support a prayer life seeking “abundance”, very few believers actually experience these promises in a significant way. When that is the case, it is best to let go of the prayers of request from the “Cosmic Catalogue” and approach God with prayers to which he always gives a resounding yes.

Three particular prayers that God always says yes to are the perfect foundation for a successful, bountiful prayer life.

The very best prayer to get you back on track with God is to pray for humility. Not humiliation but humility; the sort of understanding of self that made men like Moses a friend to God. Not false humility either; but the real honest-to-goodness humility that comes from the truth that you have a creator who has loved you into existence. When you pray for this type of humility, you start walking hand-in-hand with God and new ways to love him will open to you—usually through service to others!

Another sure-fire way to hear God say yes to your prayers is to pray for a renewed heart. Ask God for a heart that will allow you to feel the sort of love he has for his creations. Pray that every day your renewed heart is open to learning how to love more abundantly and see with the eyes of your heart.

A renewed heart allows you to sincerely bless whoever got that promotion you so very much wanted; it transforms your life much more than you could ever imagine. It uplifts you and energizes you; it blesses you in untold ways.

Pray that you will be able to forgive those who have hurt you. This is the third prayer that God always says yes to: God will intimately help you in your desire to forgive someone—even if it happens in layers over time. The physical benefits of forgiveness almost always outweigh the spiritual benefits which is why it is the cornerstone of just about every faith and most certainly the Christian faith as we are all called to forgive those who have trespassed against us just as we have been forgiven…

Those three prayers that God always says yes to (humility, a renewed heart, and forgiving someone) are the perfect trinity of prayers to put you back on track with God. They will re-focus your prayer life and reconnect you to the Lord. They create the ideal building blocks for a future prayer life that will bring you in direct contact with the miracles of heaven.

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