Friday, February 14, 2014

Tea Time and New Friends


The timing was perfect! The last meeting for the women’s book club was the day before Valentine’s Day and the “tea” theme (based upon the book) was lovely!

 So it was that I spent a beautiful afternoon yesterday with a small group of women whose book club had just finished reading my fiction book Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage. They were so welcoming! What a wonderful group of women!

 It was a very relaxed gathering as they asked questions about the book and shared their own epiphanies while reading it—or their own personal experiences that mirrored Elizabeth’s (the main character). The conversation ebbed and flowed and, as can be expected when a number of women gather, covered a wide variety of topics! LOL!

There is something very special about the sort of bonds that women share and yesterday was a gift from God as I sat with these women and enjoyed a cup of tea, some yummy cookies, and had a chance to be part of a conversation that truly was blessed.
Thank you, women of St. Joe’s, for inviting me into your lives—into your hearts—and for what will always be a special day for me!

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