Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Magic Words

We’ve been told they are “magic” words.

A few simple words uttered with sincerity that can actually make all the difference. They can really be magical.


Thank you.

The weight that each carries is immense; implies so much.

Please: I trust that you hear me. I believe that you care enough to consider what I’m about to say. My faith is such that you can alter something for me. You, to whom I am speaking (or writing), have a power that I am asking to use. The ability to make an important difference in my life is in your hands.

Thank you: You have made a significant difference for me. You cared enough about me to do something important for me. I am so grateful to you. My life is better because of you. The time you gave to me for this mattered—maybe more than you can ever know.

Wow, right?

In 2014 let us all consider how easy it is to spread a little magic and truly make the world a better place.

Thank you!


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